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An industrial accident. Just kidding.

A small baker with oceanic traces, glazed in celadon and opal blue, with unglazed handles. The provenance of the shell is Assateague Island, not that it matters.

Lots of little bowls, for garlic, cinnamon, curry, mahlab, zaatar. Whatever you’ve got.

IMG_0050Various glazes. Photo by me December 2015.

These and pieces like these will be for sale at the Upshur Street Craft Market on Saturday.




These three bowls nest well. I have donated them to the DC Sierra Club as a silent auction item for the annual party tomorrow evening, December 9, in Brookland.  See the website. Come.

Loading the bisque kiln — a new thing for me — is like loading a dishwasher without shelves. Where the dishes can break if you pick them up wrong.

It’s firing now, up to about 1,200 deg.  F., then cooling off tomorrow.

And no, I don’t know what that blue thing is either.

for Pottery Shows and Sales
Saturday 5 December
10 to 5
District Clay in the fabulous Off the Beaten Track warehouse art space
2414 Douglas St. NE
two blocks south of Rhode Island Avenue NE
Sunday 6 December
12 to 5
at a private home at 623 Upshur St. NW
Saturday 12 December

11 to 4

Upshur Street Craft Market (10th annual!)
800 block of Upshur St. NW
Food and drink will be available at all.

This Instagram file shows products from my studio, District Clay, within the very cool and inspiring “Off the Beaten Track” warehouse at 2414 Douglas St. NE, in Washington, DC. That’s a little south of Rhode Island Avenue at 24th St. NE.