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Cereal bowls and milk pitcher? or ice cream bowls and hot fudge pourer? You decide.

These pieces are in porcelain, rather sturdy instead of paper-thin, glazed in a barely-blue celadon. There are actually six bowls in the set.




The blue ash glaze (recipe from Briscoe) looks accidental and random, earthy.

But apart from the sky (often) and water (sometimes), why is there not so much blue in nature? The blue berry, blue bird, and blue butterfly are absolutely attention-getting.

An industrial accident. Just kidding.

This blood-red glaze (Pinnell’s red-orange, it’s called) is a rich, true red. I use it inside all of my covered vessels, whatever the outside glaze, likening the piece to a human body, which is also red on the inside, if you’ve ever looked. An exception is that it is a steely gray when applied thinly, as on those two pourers. I like that too.



Two smaller ewers with handles.  The Pinnell’s red-orange glaze is deliberately thin on the outside — I think it looks stone-like that way — and true red inside.

CIMG2662 CIMG2663 CIMG2664

Remember these?  They appeared in the bisque state below, and are now ready for sale or gifts.





This pot, a three-legged teapot, sold yesterday, will be going to someone’s mother for Christmas. It has a matte glaze (called “moonpax” at The Clay Queen studio in Alexandria) and a purchased bamboo handle.  Forty dollars.


It was my attempt to copy a pot by Glenn Dair, without any of the grace or elegance.