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jameson plate

A plate for the little guy for when he can read.


stackable cups and tripod plates in Laura’s turquoise glaze.

Photos by John Snyder


Moss green platter with hot sun.

At half-price sale this weekend.

You decide.

Half-price pottery sale

Saturday and Sunday, February 10 and 11

Noon to 5 each day

2238 Chester Street SE
Washington, DC 20020

a short walk from the Anacostia Metro station
or a short drive from where you are in Washington, DC


My plate from 2017 on the left. Peter Voulkos’ from 1956 on the right. Go figure.

The Voulkos show is at the Renwick through August.

Minnesota plate 2017

This plate suggests the Land of 10,000 Lakes, the first state I entered at the moment of birth. It’s about nine inches across.

* Fifty more, if you count the District of Columbia, where I now live, and which still has no congressional representation. Let’s think about that.

Seventy-five dollars.

We drink from wells we did not dig. We warm by fires we did not kindle. And there’s a lot more stuff we use that we just got somehow….

Three vessels in Laura’s green, three feet each. Do the math.

wish plate 1 wish plate 2

When you’ve finished salad or dessert, you see a one-word message — a wish, a blessing, a plea. I’m working on sets of eight.

tripod 1

I think I copied this from an ancient tripod piece I saw once. Laura’s Turquoise glaze to cone 10, cutting to gray/black.