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This blood-red glaze (Pinnell’s red-orange, it’s called) is a rich, true red. I use it inside all of my covered vessels, whatever the outside glaze, likening the piece to a human body, which is also red on the inside, if you’ve ever looked. An exception is that it is a steely gray when applied thinly, as on those two pourers. I like that too.




A small baker with oceanic traces, glazed in celadon and opal blue, with unglazed handles. The provenance of the shell is Assateague Island, not that it matters.

Lots of little bowls, for garlic, cinnamon, curry, mahlab, zaatar. Whatever you’ve got.

IMG_0050Various glazes. Photo by me December 2015.

These and pieces like these will be for sale at the Upshur Street Craft Market on Saturday.



Three vessels in Laura’s green, three feet each. Do the math.

These three bowls nest well. I have donated them to the DC Sierra Club as a silent auction item for the annual party tomorrow evening, December 9, in Brookland.  See the website. Come.

Loading the bisque kiln — a new thing for me — is like loading a dishwasher without shelves. Where the dishes can break if you pick them up wrong.

It’s firing now, up to about 1,200 deg.  F., then cooling off tomorrow.

And no, I don’t know what that blue thing is either.