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stackable cups and tripod plates in Laura’s turquoise glaze.

Photos by John Snyder


This is “earth print bowl” because it looks as if it could be a weather map of the whole world at one time, including the molten core. It has multiple glazes on an altered surface.

For sale tomorrow at the Upshur Street Art and Craft market for $32.



Cereal bowls and milk pitcher? or ice cream bowls and hot fudge pourer? You decide.

These pieces are in porcelain, rather sturdy instead of paper-thin, glazed in a barely-blue celadon. There are actually six bowls in the set.


An industrial accident. Just kidding.

IMG_0104 (1)20160503_140642

A covered bowl with stylized leaf handle to grip. The Laura’s green glaze looks a little black when fired higher in the gas kiln. The inside is shiny red.

Lots of little bowls, for garlic, cinnamon, curry, mahlab, zaatar. Whatever you’ve got.

IMG_0050Various glazes. Photo by me December 2015.

These and pieces like these will be for sale at the Upshur Street Craft Market on Saturday.



Three vessels in Laura’s green, three feet each. Do the math.

These three bowls nest well. I have donated them to the DC Sierra Club as a silent auction item for the annual party tomorrow evening, December 9, in Brookland.  See the website. Come.

woven jar 1 woven jar 2

If it were a sheet, the thread count would be about 2 per inch. The glaze is tenmoku with dash of Ben’s blue.

With a fish handle and piscatorial message of advice inside.

fish handle proverb 3Raw clay handle, otherwise glazed in blue-green outside and celadon inside. Handwritten script.

fish handle proverb 2fish handle proverb 1Photos by me, October 2015