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for Pottery Shows and Sales
Saturday 5 December
10 to 5
District Clay in the fabulous Off the Beaten Track warehouse art space
2414 Douglas St. NE
two blocks south of Rhode Island Avenue NE
Sunday 6 December
12 to 5
at a private home at 623 Upshur St. NW
Saturday 12 December

11 to 4

Upshur Street Craft Market (10th annual!)
800 block of Upshur St. NW
Food and drink will be available at all.

This Instagram file shows products from my studio, District Clay, within the very cool and inspiring “Off the Beaten Track” warehouse at 2414 Douglas St. NE, in Washington, DC. That’s a little south of Rhode Island Avenue at 24th St. NE.


These cups need both a coat of glaze and then, liquid contents.

Small baker in a wheat ash glaze. A little bit of mac and cheese can be so satisfying.

(The stamped initials are a sign of authenticity.)

woven jar 1 woven jar 2

If it were a sheet, the thread count would be about 2 per inch. The glaze is tenmoku with dash of Ben’s blue.

With a fish handle and piscatorial message of advice inside.

fish handle proverb 3Raw clay handle, otherwise glazed in blue-green outside and celadon inside. Handwritten script.

fish handle proverb 2fish handle proverb 1Photos by me, October 2015

bear jar fish rim bear jar inside lid

One jar with two lids. Why? You want the finished piece to have the best elements in combination. If I made one lid, or one handle for a jar or mug, what are the chances that that one would fit or be proportional? Make an extra (or two, or three). In this case I just finished both lids, bear and bird.

The green pot and lid have Pinnell’s Red Orange inside.

bear jar bird jar 2

twigtop1 twigtopchop

Close-up of signature chop.


wish plate 1 wish plate 2

When you’ve finished salad or dessert, you see a one-word message — a wish, a blessing, a plea. I’m working on sets of eight.

tripod 1

I think I copied this from an ancient tripod piece I saw once. Laura’s Turquoise glaze to cone 10, cutting to gray/black.