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An industrial accident. Just kidding.

This blood-red glaze (Pinnell’s red-orange, it’s called) is a rich, true red. I use it inside all of my covered vessels, whatever the outside glaze, likening the piece to a human body, which is also red on the inside, if you’ve ever looked. An exception is that it is a steely gray when applied thinly, as on those two pourers. I like that too.




Two smaller ewers with handles.  The Pinnell’s red-orange glaze is deliberately thin on the outside — I think it looks stone-like that way — and true red inside.

CIMG2662 CIMG2663 CIMG2664


These are the right size for the proper amount of milk (one cup/225 ml) and sugar or honey to put out at one time.  I like the way the red and blue glazes melt together.

CIMG2305Photos by me.