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Peace chalice. Ten inches. Seventy-five dollars at Ice House gallery in Berkeley Springs.


The Unitarian Universalist tribe has adopted the outstandingly simple and ancient symbol of a flame burning in a chalice. The big Sunday services include an awesome birthday cake-sized vessel, already lit, carried up the center aisle by a certified, card-carrying worship associate, but each task-centered meeting might begin with the lighting of a small chalice too. (The marvelous Hally A. carries a tiny candle holder and matches in her purse for her meeting needs.)

Thus I see the need for small, personal-sized chalices, for sacred moments, whether you are convening a meeting or not, so I have begun a series of small almond-shaped bowls like these here, in various colors. Some have no handles, but the one above has a rough unglazed pedestal foot and loop handles, also unglazed. (That’s my favorite of the tests, so I’ll make more like that.)


I use them by filling the bowl with rice or dried beans, and setting a standard candle atop that — safe, simple, edible.

These photos are not so good; it’s hard to convey a glowing flame in the little pot, and I’m no photographer anyway.


These three bowls nest well. I have donated them to the DC Sierra Club as a silent auction item for the annual party tomorrow evening, December 9, in Brookland.  See the website. Come.

With a fish handle and piscatorial message of advice inside.

fish handle proverb 3Raw clay handle, otherwise glazed in blue-green outside and celadon inside. Handwritten script.

fish handle proverb 2fish handle proverb 1Photos by me, October 2015

twigtop1 twigtopchop

Close-up of signature chop.


Two smaller ewers with handles.  The Pinnell’s red-orange glaze is deliberately thin on the outside — I think it looks stone-like that way — and true red inside.

CIMG2662 CIMG2663 CIMG2664

CIMG2605 CIMG2604

Dinner plate, salt dish, and wine pitcher in temmoku.

CIMG2598 CIMG2599

This serving platter is about nine inches across, and is in a favorite glaze, Malcolm’s shino. It will be among items on sale tomorrow at Off the Beaten Track, 2414 Douglas St. NE in Washington DC.

Photo my me, 1 may 2015.

Remember these?  They appeared in the bisque state below, and are now ready for sale or gifts.





This pot, a three-legged teapot, sold yesterday, will be going to someone’s mother for Christmas. It has a matte glaze (called “moonpax” at The Clay Queen studio in Alexandria) and a purchased bamboo handle.  Forty dollars.


It was my attempt to copy a pot by Glenn Dair, without any of the grace or elegance.