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A year has passed since we were in the wonderful artsy, historic, spiritual center of Oaxaca in southern Mexico, on the verge of the explosion of living and dead humanity that is Dia de los Muertos.  These sorry little pots are the result of 1) a worthless kickwheel, 2) bad untested glazes applied by brush 3) poor firing in an unknown kiln.

But I love them.

CIMG2315 CIMG2316

POT LDS kickwheel 1This unplugged process produced four tiny cups and 15 buckets of sweat. Electricity is a wonderful thing.



These are the right size for the proper amount of milk (one cup/225 ml) and sugar or honey to put out at one time.  I like the way the red and blue glazes melt together.

CIMG2305Photos by me.

I’ve been out of town, out of the country, out of creative juices, but now I’m back. [lds]

This is a vessel for tea or spirits, glazed in matte white with unglazed handle and spout.  The input access is a little small (so I wouldn’t stuff a teabag in there), but it pours well.


This is a detail of the top surface.

CIMG2312Photos by me.